James Dougal Fleming

I am Professor of English Literature at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. My research is in the intellectual history of the early-modern period (1500-1700), with a special interest in epistemic issues around the emergence of modern natural science (the “Scientific Revolution”). But here, for the most part, I talk about everything else.

More at my departmental page, and on Academia.edu. Also, come sit with me at my picnic table (and elsewhere in my house) as I talk for hours and hours about Ben Jonson, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Sophocles, and the like.

On my title: Latin for “book” is liber pronounced with the vowel short, like in “fib”: “libber.” Latin for “free” is liber pronounced with the vowel long, like in “freak”: “leeber.” So, you see, it’s not just silly; it’s pretentious, too.

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