My Home and Native Land

Here are two ideas I have instinctively understood throughout my life:

(1) Every single person has an absolute, total, transcendent right to be free.

(2) Some people deny (1).

Here are two consequences of my two ideas:

i. Canada has been a massive, extraordinary, even unique force for (1).

ii. It is under attack by (2).

Here is my conclusion:


Happy Canada Day! To all the glorious, diverse, diligent, patient, brilliant, people from all over the world who have chosen this country, generation after generation, and confirmed and reconfirmed its unique promise and justice!

See you next year.

Author: JD Fleming

I am Professor of English Literature at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. My work is in the intellectual history of the early-modern period (1500-1700), with a special interest in epistemic issues around the emergence of modern natural science (the "Scientific Revolution"). Philosophically, for me, these issues are subsumed in hermeneutics.

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