blessings for Obama

This blog post from a conservative pro-life American mother (who “lost her fear of universal health care” after living for some years in Canada) is one of the most moving, useful, frank, intelligent, honest, uplifting things I have ever read about the strengths of our system, and the paranoias of contemporary American culture. About all she doesn’t say is “God bless President Obama for giving all Americans the opportunity for at least minimal medical coverage.”

an Ernie a day

I see in the paper today that Vic Toews is now taking credit for the low crime rate, even though it was steadily lowering long before he started getting all “tough on crime” in the pokerfacedly moronic, US Republican, fucking-pigs-cause-its-what-we-do kind of way. It’s Ernie logic, as in the classic Sesame Street exchange:

BERT. Ernie, why do eat so many apples?

ERNIE. To keep the tigers away, Bert.

BERT. But Ernie, there isn’t a tiger within 50 miles of here!

ERNIE. See? It works!

I wonder how much longer Harper will keep that idiot around.